Senin, 18 Juli 2011

Happy Indian Camping, Mom

well, this is my first illustration with watercolors, markers, and color pencils,
but unfortunately the result look like I only use a color pencils, whoaaa my traditional skill ckckc.
I got some inspirations after read this children book (Clever Little Fairy)
and David Pace as an illustrator on it.
The first, I love his simplicity characters.
all of them so sweet and nice.
Second, I adore his skill in coloring, so pastel nyammm :D.
okay, thank you Mr David Pa
ce, and this illustration (also) I dedicated for you ;)

*hehe thanks for a chance, mamanya ****** :P, you inspire me a lot to have a *wall of frame :P

Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

Hay Hay Hay :D

Hay Hay Hay :D
How aare youu? :D
Okay, I swear in this month :

no postpone, no snack time until late(eh), do it my holiday wish list *yeay makann makann (eh)!!
and no spent much money so I can buy book again hehe